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About Johnson Creek Kennels

At Johnson Creek Kennels, we strive for excellence as breeders and trainers of Bluetick coonhounds. Our first concern is to breed easy to train dogs with excellent temperaments who make great companions as well as top notch hunting dogs. If you're looking to win at the show or on the hunt, our dogs have proven success at both and make excellent companions as well.



We try to strike a balance of protecting our dogs while making sure they are rugged and prepared to deal with the physical rigors of the hunting life they enjoy. Our kennels are covered outdoor kennels with a box for each hound to protect them from the worst of the elements. We have plenty of natural hunting ground to ensure that our dogs train in a realistic environment from the beginning of their training.

Ben on Tree

Our Beliefs

We are Christian people who believe in giving thanks to God and in treating all his creations with dignity and respect. We treat our dogs well and we treat our family, friends and customers even better. Without the support of our faith, family and friends we would not be able to achieve any level of success.

Boys, Pups and Coon

Family Owned

Hunting and dog training are family affairs and we enjoy passing our love for the sport on to the next generation. We also reinforce the practice of good conservation with our children to ensure that game will be plentiful for their future generations as well. Shown here are our sons Rylee and Austin working three of our dogs on a caged coon.


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