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We proudly use and recommend DT Systems e-collars.

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Our Training

We recognize that each dog learns at his own pace and in his own way. We have a standard training program that has proven successful for a large number of dogs but we'll change things up for specific dogs to get the most out of their natural abilities.

Pups Tracking

Starting Young

We like to get our pups started very early in learning to use their noses for tracking. Shown here are a couple young pups following a drag trail from a hot dog. Following the trail all the way to the hot dog becomes a reward in itself.

Dogs & Caged Coon

Coon Introduction

For coon introduction, we match an older dog with a pup to show them the ropes and help them gain confidence. Shown here is an example of a pup with a veteran dog being shown his first coon. We only use caged coons initially so no harm is done to the pups and the coons can be used for many pups.

Female pup trees coon

Individual Training

Once the pups get a little older and develop some confidence, we'll move them up to working alone on uncaged coons. Shown here is an older female pup working independently and treeing a coon we turned loose for her.


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